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Vaccinate Yourself



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The Pandemic & your well being in andamans

Visualize yourself in comfort and serenity in the Andaman Islands once again. Since we prioritize the well being of our esteemed guests and fellow travelers, we have ensured the implementation of stringent protocols for safety and hygiene.

Come experience a blissful  journey, across the best beaches of the world amid nature's bounty.

#regular temp checks

We have implemented temperature checks at regular intervals for the well being of incoming guests and fellow humans helping you throughout your stay at our hotel. 

#RTPCR  Mandatory

For passengers having completed the both doses of vaccination, they can travel without further restrictions. Others need a mandatory RTPCR Report from an ICMR Certified Laboratory. Check SOP for further information.

C.A.B #across the islands

Covid Appropriate Behaviour is strictly encouraged and followed at our property and all over the islands to ensure everyone's safety, it is our constant endeavor to make your travel risk and hazard free. 

#social distancing

Stringent protocols are in place at our hotel for ensuring social distancing and crowd  management in areas likewise restaurant, lobby, snooker room, gym & bar. These safe practices are efficiently an aid for all guests & visitors.

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Port Blair

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Havelock Island

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Neil Island


#the most preferred stay-cation-vacation hotel in andamans


Share us your take on conserving the planet and what it takes for a sustainable holiday and you may stand a chance to win all sponsored holiday to Andaman's.

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